This Leger is another rare bird, which is simultaneously on ebay and New Jersey’s craigslist. Yes, this is possible. This bike was Lotus’ foray into aluminum frames, along with the Esprit. This one looks great and appears to be mostly stock, including the branded water bottle and toe straps. Suntour 5000 drivetrain, DiaCompe Alpha 5000 brakes and aero levers, Sun Mistral M13 622 (an odd brand-not stock?), and Sanshin hubs. This model was a step below the Esprit in price and components, but whatever-this is a handsome bike. The white Vetta saddle, Lotus engraved handlebar, Lotus engraved headset, and Lotus engraved fork crown are sweet details. Lotus, Lotus, Lotus! I’ve owned one aluminum bike (I won’t mention brand names), and I did not like the feel of it. I would be curious to test ride one of Lotus’ models, to see if I could be convinced otherwise in regards to aluminum. Asking $400 on craigslist or $450+$95 shipping to Buy It Now on ebay. You could also bid on it. As of this posting: six bids totaling $50.99 (reserve not met). So many purchasing choices. Will update…sold for $320+$95 shipping after 11 bids.


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